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Pirelli City Demon - Safe driving in wet and dry

Pirelli City Demon of the Italian tire specialist Pirelli meets all expectations of a solid everyday tires and impresses with outstanding performance on wet tracks. With its robust carcass it ensures best mileage and high safety on wet and slippery tracks. The variety of sizes makes it clear that Pirelli with its product alongside classic Tour riders especially owner of small engined machine in sight.

Stable cornering ability by centralized groove

The profile layout of the Pirelli City Demon stands out with a centrally crafted groove which ensures excellent driving stability and excellent directional stability. The benefits of the revised profile designs show up particularly on damp and wet routes on which the City Demon impressed with solid support and safe grip. Even after more than ten thousand kilometers the tire shows little wear and ensures safe driving comfort and a grippy feedback. With low maintenance and great mileage of City Demon is a worthwhile investment that through the controlled wet performance and low susceptibility to wear the specially for owners of mid-size machines motorcycle tire pays twice.

Pirelli City Demon - agile running performance tire for everyday life

Due to its double-radius profile, the Pirelli City Demon proved under everyday conditions as extremely agile and precise. The tire has a stable nylon carcass shows no susceptibility to cracks or cuts. With its optimized rubber compound, the City Demon for long journeys over land is suitable as well as for short trips under adverse weather conditions. In wet conditions, it presents itself as a true allrounder and copes with dangerous situations with prudent silence.

Pirelli City Demon is an appropriate recommendation for bikers who want to retain control of their machine in all weather conditions. It provides high performance and a safe driving experience that achieves its full effect on a wet track.

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