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Pirelli P 6000 Powergy

The Pirelli P 6000 Powergy enhanced by its unique technology, the reaction of modern safety systems in the vehicle. This happens thanks to the improved contact patch, which allows the tire to react to sudden changes in the road. the properties of the P 6000 Powergy Even with drastic temperature fluctuations remain constant.

Pantentierte for Safety

Rarely a tire manufacturer has as many tire models in the sports segment as Pirelli . The traditional Italian brand has been involved for decades with the development of sports tires for road transport, as the French tire manufacturer Michelin . The know-how from racing occurs during the development and testing of good. The Pirelli P 6000 Powergy provides with excellent services the proof. This high-performance tire even the most difficult maneuvers are easy to master. Its purpose-built tread allows maximum grip in wet and dry roads. There is a summer tire for high performance.

Wavy tread for increased stability

The Pirelli P 6000 Powergy is an excellent tire for the summer season. A good road holding and increased safety are guaranteed on dry and wet roads. This is demonstrated by numerous car manufacturers who have the Pirelli P 6000 certified Powergy. Thanks to its optimally designed tread of the P 6000 allows a uniform and slow wear, even at elevated temperature asphalt. The high-purity silica in the rubber compound provides a lower rolling resistance. In this way fuel consumption is reduced. At the same time significantly increase the ride comfort by the noise level is lowered. Wavy tread give the tire a modern design. but above all create more stability in curves.

Motorists who equip their cars with the Pirelli P 6000 Powergy, are mostly in a sporty driving style. They rely on a secure yet comfortable car tires. Pirelli provides not only high-performance summer tire. With Pirelli winter tires motorists can expect excellent driving characteristics, even during the cold season.


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