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Sava Adapto HP

SAVA Adapto HP has a well-earned reputation of a tire manufacturer company. It is well known due to its classy and supercool name that has made its name well known in the world of tires. It is also well recognised in and gained its high status in Motorsports and in racetrack. The perfect environment for testing the tire technologies that effect in modernizing safer street tires, the motorsports programme and racetrack is best.

Sava Adapto HP qualities:

The Sava Adapto HP is the only tire that delivers high performance handling all year long without any damage, burn, and crash etc.

The all-weather Adapto HP is the ideal choice for cost-conscious riders of high performance cars. Consistent handling and grip from spring through to winter, at a price that makes sense.

  • It is the All-weather grip tire that performs its best function throughout the year.
  • It has an extremely High performance handling system.
  • It has the unique system of Resistance to aquaplaning that evacuates water very easily.
  • This is the only brand that makes quiet and comfortable tires that are also being used throughout the year.

Specifications of Sava Adapto HP:

    • Wet grip 95%. That protects the tire to slip on snowy and wet roads.
    • Progressiveness 80%. Due to the best quality rubber and high compounds used in to make the tire, it performs fantabulous functioning on both off and on road.
    • Comfort 71%. The nylon and steel belts used in the tire provide easy and smooth drive. That gives a comfortable, fast and free of tension driving experience.
    • Dry grip 90%. The high grip on dry roads gives the superb race on woods, pebbles, gravels or whatever the road condition is whether good or poor. The high grip gives a super-fast speed.


    • DOT.
    • SAVA Adapto HP is puncture resistant.
    • Hills, mud, tall grassy woods no any ordinary tire can beat the superb performance of SAVA Adapto HP tire.

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