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How To Buy Golf Cart Tires

Chances are in you own a golf cart then you take the game of golf seriously. Then when you are ready to replace the tires on your golf cart you need to make a decision as to whether they are to be golf cart mud tires, off road golf cart tires, all terrain golf cart tires, or perhaps golf cart street tires. There are a lot of choices so you are in for some decision making.

If you have invested in a good golf cart you want to be very cautious about buying cheap golf cart tires. It is possible and you may get your golf cart tires at a super low price but chances are the quality of them will be very low too.

If you are not too sure as to which tires you need this may help...

Golf Cart Street Tires

Sometimes called turf tires. These tires will allow you to use your golf cart on any of the golf course as well as along smooth paved pathways. They are made in such a way that they don't do much harm to the grass that is found on the various golf courses.

Off Road Golf Cart Tires

These  off road golf car tires are sometimes called Knobby tires.  If you frequent the same golf course and its happens to be a muddy terrain or there is a lot of sand then you will want these off road golf cart tires. But if they happen to have a lot of pavement on the pathways you will find that the ride your golf cart gives you is fairly unpleasant.

All Terrain Golf Cart Tires

If you like to visit different golf courses then you are going to find a variation in the terrains that you will be driving on. The all terrain golf cart will not disappoint you as you will get a decent ride on most surfaces.

Golf Cart Mud Tires

Similar to the off road golf cart tires and if you are using the golf course near your home that you know will end up with muddy terrain a lot of the time, then this will be the best golf cart tires for you.

Investing In The Best Golf Cart Tires

As mentioned it is wise to stay away from the cheap golf cart tires. There is no need to resort to these when you can make use of our golf cart tire comparison feature here. We have collected the best prices available for you on the internet and you will be investing in quality golf cart tires that will not disappoint you.

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