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High Aeolus truck tires

The Asian tire manufacturer Aeolus was founded in China and has increasingly expanded in recent years. Meanwhile, the brand is registered in more than 80 countries and exports its tires in more than 140 countries. In Europe were tires from Aeolus introduced in 2004 and has since experienced strong growth. Through years of practice and expertise in the production of tires developed by the tire manufacturer quality tires for which there is great demand in the market. Comparison of these tires with the renowned tire brands are well worthwhile.

Quality and Experience

The unusual manufacturer remembers his production in its main core competencies. This concurrence with his decades of experience, especially in the innovative production of durable and affordable quality tires. Besides Aeolus truck tires also are products for vans , trailers, low loaders or semitrailer. The tires must meet the same old high skill requirements of the company. They must, for example, next to a low rolling resistance especially have high mileage and be absolutely sure in the driving behavior.

Low-cost alternative

The tires annually produced 5.5 million occupy the high demand of satisfied customers. High wear resistance of the tire quality with low production costs, which are passed on in the market price to the customer, kombinioerten. The tires find their applications in the truck sector and the transport industry. In all other respects, the company relies on service and speed, so that supplies of Aeolus truck tire can be done in no time. Moreover Aelos offers generous warranties on the carcasses and effective Breakdown Service as roadside assistance.

Aeolus truck tires offer at affordable quality tire an interesting alternative in increasing competition in the transport industry.

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