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Bridgestone truck tires

Those looking for the best truck tires, which can not get away Bridgestone. The well-known Japanese brand develops and manufactures tires for trucks according to the latest technology. This ensures a high safety standard, which is particularly important in the transport of heavy loads.

Bridgestone truck tires for a safe journey by truck

The company Bridgestone was founded in 1931 in Japan. Currently, it is one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world. New technologies and excellent quality provides Bridgestone in Formula 1 prove. After the great success with Bridgestone car tires , the brand expanded its assortment with also high quality Bridgestone truck tires . In this tire for heavy vans nowadays put most truckers. On one hand, they offer a high safety standard, on the other hand they are very high loads can be exposed. In addition, truck tires can be much more kilometers driven with Bridgestone, as it is with other tire for trucks of the case. Because of the high quality set many large logistics companies with their trucks on the tires from Bridgestone.

More responsibility for trucks and trailers

Truck drivers know how important are good tires to drive safely. This is especially noticeable when the truck is fully loaded. With tires low quality of the truck can easily spin out, often with fatal consequences. With Bridgestone truck tires to be on the safe track. The V Steel Bridgestone can calmly call as an expert under the truck tires. It has been tested with many truck brands and under the heaviest loads. The result was always excellent. In addition, this tire is particularly quiet. Low rolling resistance helps save fuel. Braking distances are much shorter even under high loads with the V Steel. For the winter, the suitable V Steel Studless M + S perfectly. Thanks to its unique profile allows this Bridgestone truck tires even in snowy road enough grip. Although it is a winter tire, can be achieved with it speeds up to 130 km / h.

Bridgestone truck tires are often the first choice for truck drivers, who place a high value on security. These tires are subjected to rigorous testing. Bridgestone also has the most modern technology that is used is in the development and production of tires. The results can be seen on the Bridgestone truck tires.

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