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Ultrac Sessanta - a first-class high performance tires

The tire manufacturer Vredestein has always been known for its high-quality models. With the Ultrac Sessanta, the company can consolidate its excellent reputation. This premium high performance tires has been specially designed for off-road, SUV and 4x4 vehicles developed.

Great handling and low rolling noise the Ultrac Sessanta

Since 2006, the Ultrac Sessanta is one of the hallmarks of the renowned tire manufacturer. No wonder convince all models but with its many good handling characteristics. Both dry and wet surfaces of the Ultrac Sessanta is safely. Add to this the low rolling noise and good aquaplaning characteristics, which contribute to an unadulterated driving pleasure also with. The summer tires from the ultra high performance segment based on all the advantages of the popular Ultrac series and was again fully optimized in terms of driving and handling characteristics. Also noteworthy is the innovative design of the Ultrac Sessanta: The Line game this tire clearly shows that the performance of a high priority has been given.

Vredestein - a Dutch success story

The history of the renowned tire manufacturer Vredestein can be traced back to the 1909. This year, the NV Rubberfabriek Vredestein was founded in Dutch Loosduinen. Initially specializing in the production of various rubber products such as shoe heels or floor coverings, were focused in the 1970s on the production of high-quality tires for cars and agricultural vehicles. The manufacturer is best known for his collaboration with the Italian designer Giorgetto Giugiaro. With this world-renowned automotive designer was so many quality Vredestein tires , the enlarged awareness of the Group once again considerably. Since 2009, the company is owned by the Indian group tires Ltd. A large part of the manufacturing process is, however, still located in Enschede.

With the Ultrac Sessanta an unclouded driving pleasure is guaranteed to a great extent. No wonder, because these tires from the ultra high performance segment, makes its excellent driving characteristics and low rolling noise for a completely safe ride.

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