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Barum tires: cheap brand quality from Europe

In mature Barum is all about efficiency. The company from Otrokovice produces robust tire for small purse. The 1993 is divided into the Continental Corporation is one operating in Europe today the most modern tire farmers. The package includes Barum truck tires and a wide range of car tires. These are supplemented by special tires for commercial vehicles in summer and winter versions.

As from shoe soles tires

Barum is named after the founder of the company Bata, Rubena and Mitas - her three rubber-producing manufacturers , in 1945 - are merged and nationalized - at the end of World War II. The history of Barumreifen starts but half a century earlier: with shoes. 1894 found the siblings Tomá, Antonín and Anna Bat'a in what was then Austria-Hungary belonging Moravian town Zlín a shoe factory. Bat'a presented to the until then used in one-man businesses to shoemaking factory production, a revolution. The rapidly growing company with high social awareness rises 1930 on the world market leader and exports its products to Europe, North America, Asia and North Africa. The always realize profitability for the benefit of all companies strove link that transports on the road are more flexible and cheaper than sending by rail. They build in 1932 its own fleet on, which ensures the production of the required in large quantities Barumreifen in-house since 1934th

Barum tires small and large

In 1983, Barum sponsor a amateur rally, now called Barum Rally and counts as qualifying for the European Championship. Inspired, to outdo itself again and again, the operation now manufactures special car tires: for high-performance motor vehicle, for compact cars and vans - in summer and winter versions. The product range is supplemented by truck tires, tires for forklifts and construction vehicles.

Decades of experience in the production of long-lived as affordable tires tell Barumreifen. They are among the few tires that are produced in the middle of Europe.

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