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Nexen Roadian HT - the off-road specialist

The Korean company Nexen is already since 1942 good and cheap tires ago. The range has steadily increased over time, the quality of Nexen tire series is convincing. When Nexen Roadian HT is a high performance summer tire for vehicles of categories Offroad, SUV and 4x4 .

The properties of Nexen Roadian HT

SUV, off-roader and the like have high demands on a summer tire . The Nexten Roadian HT presents itself extremely convincing in this regard. In addition to high efficiency resulting from its significantly reduced rolling resistance, it also provides a precise steering response. Good quality ensures low wear and a long service life. The rolling noise are pleasantly quiet and ensure a comfortable ride. For light trucks, this series provides a recommended tires: the Nexen Roadian HT (LT).

The performance of Nexans Roadian HT

A concrete example with technical data: The Nexen Roadian HT OWL is a high quality, yet affordable summer tires for categories Offroad, SUV and 4x4. There is a summer tire radial type with a load index of 108. This means that each tire can carry a load of 1000 kg. It is designed for speeds of up to 180 km / h. Basically convince the tires of series Nexen Roadian HT with their good braking characteristics and their grip on both dry and wet conditions. Also, the ride comfort is emphasized by the users.

Given the technical data, the properties - which are also evaluated by the buyers or drivers positive - and the high quality of Nexen Roadian HT is quite recommendable. In the tires of Nexen series can speak of a very fair price-performance ratio in any case.

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