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Yokohama Advan Sport

Sporty Tires for Your Sports Car

The Yokohama Advan Sport tires are high quality tires that are designed to be used with refined sports cars, sports coupes and high performance sedans. This high quality tire has been designed with only the best modern technology. This tire's advanced carbon and silicone blend has created a tire that will only perform to the highest level. These tires will not sacrifice grip, handling and braking no matter what the road conditions are because of their asymmetric tread pattern which features five main ribs and a massive outboard shoulder zone.

Not Affected by Wet Roads

Even if the roads are wet, these tires will not allow for your car's handling ability to perform under par. Not only will these tires allow you and your car to stay safe, they also will create a smooth and stable drive due to their circumferential grooves which help with water flow. These advanced tires will create a smooth ride that will act to reduce the noise produced by the tires. So for a smooth, safe and stable ride choose the Yokohama Advan Sport for your sports car.

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