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Continental motorcycle tires

Motorcyclists are dependent on a good quality of the tire. The motorcycle can ultimately only be driven safely, if it is technically in a good condition and has high-quality tires. An experienced mechanic takes care of the technology. For safe Motorcycle tires Continental provides.

A wide range of motorcycle tires

Continental motorcycle tires are in great demand in motor cyclists. This is due primarily to the high quality for which during the development of the motorcycle tires will be provided. And in the development, Continental is one of the leading companies around the world. The first plant was built already 1871st With the production of tires, however, the manufacturers began in the early 20th century. Since investing in research at Continental much what keeps the Continental motorcycle tires always on the cutting edge of technology. Motorcyclists appreciate this, to finally hangs driving safety - as well as in truck or car tires - largely on the nature of the respective tires from. A vehicle is stable in the turns, braking distances are shorter and the acceleration is much faster when the tire is optimal.

Continental motorcycle tires have high quality, which increases the safety significantly

The Continental motorcycle tires Contigo is thanks to the diagonal design for sports bikes ideal. Its tread is made of a special rubber compound that provides a dry road and rain for very good grip. Test results show that the Contigo systems such as ABS very well supported, so that the braking distance is shortened and the bike remains stable. Another reason why many customers opt for this tire model, is the low wear. For the most demanding among motorcyclists of ContiSportAttack, a provides quality Continental summer tires , safety and highest performance. The tire is available in versions for the front and rear. This Continental motorcycle tires has a profile not only convinces with its design but also for a stable position of the motorcycle which ensures.

Continental motorcycle tires make any motorcycle ride to a safe. The manufacturer is testing all tire models on the runway and in the laboratory, so you can rely on the quality of the tire completely. In addition, Continental has a generous supply of tires, which are available for various motorcycle classes.

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