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Bridgestone Motorcycle tires

The fun with the bike is only guaranteed if security is not questioned. And security can only provide good tires as Bridgestone. For years proves the brand that their motorcycle tires are among the best, even in racing. Million motorcyclists worldwide have long been convinced.

Bridgestone is one of the best known manufacturers of motorcycle tires

Most motorcyclists rely on high-quality tires, because they know very well that security may be neglected during a ride on the bike in no second. For this reason, many bikers opt for Bridgestone motorcycle tires . Reason for this is certainly the high quality that characterizes these tires. Bridgestone began early in 1931 with the production of car tires. When after a few decades the bike is becoming more popular as means of transport, the company decides to get a foothold in this area. With success. Bridgestone motorcycle tires are among the best tires with which you can equip his bike. They feature new profiles, have good properties plus they are still completely in the design even at high speeds.

More grip in the corners

A typical example of the reliability and quality of Bridgestone motorcycle tires is the Hoop B . This tire was developed for sports bikes and correspondingly tested. The results showed that this is a tire that can be exposed to particularly high stresses. One reason for this is the symmetrical profile which ensures even at fast corner transitions for grip. The Bridgestone motorcycle tires G 722 is the ideal choice for touring bikes. The tread of the tire is covered with a special layer, so that even at high temperatures, the properties of the tire will not get lost. Most bikers use these tires even in the rain, because it even ensures the necessary stability of the motorcycle.

Motorcyclists know exactly why they trust Bridgestone motorcycle tires. They allow the maximum performance of your motorcycle, which you do not have to do without security. Bridgestone tests its motorcycle tires also on the racetrack. There is hardly a eindeutlicheren proof of safety and performance.

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