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Kenda Motorcycle tires

For more than half a century, the Kenda Rubber Industrial Company in its plants in Taiwan, China and Vietnam tires for motorcycles, ATVs, trailers, cars and industrial facilities ago. In 2011 Kenda was among the 25 largest tire manufacturers in the world and delivered tires in more than 100 countries. Through its own subsidiaries in the US and Europe Kenda has long been not only in Asia, a fixed term in the industry. The company philosophy states that the essential aim: honesty, innovation, quality and customer service. Kenda Motorcycle tires are tested and relentless in their own home.

Safety first: optimum control during rain

According to internal reports from the industry particularly the Kenda motorcycle tires is estimated with the indicator K. Whether used as a cruiser or for sports and touring - especially the deep, offset Inappropriate profile and wide tread repeatedly encounter enthusiasm. The resulting excellent drive and which is important for the safety of the driver optimum water displacement provide optimum control during rain. In addition, a rigid edge for stability. A great deal of experience in the production of off-road winter tires flowed into the development of Kenda K one with.

Motorcycle tires Kenda make even the toughest satisfied

Buyer of Kenda Motorcycle tires driving with peace of conscience, because all products have been tested extensively and relentlessly by the manufacturer. In an internal test procedures fast-cycling, durability and environmental tests are conducted. Each Kenda tires with ease holds a the requirements of the most stringent National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and is offroad E standard compliant to ensure quality and safety. It is the same accurate approach as with the car summer tires and all other products from Kenda.

The own quality standards of Kenda Rubber Industrial Company and the typical Asian style technically high-quality production provide an excellent basis for trust for Kenda motorcycle tires. With these tires, the driver has a proven quality at the highest level, controlled by independent state institutions.

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