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Vredestein tires - shoes for the car!

If a car should need new shoes again, then the proud owner is more than ever before spoiled for choice. A high -quality tires should do the trick, but one does not want to just also so financially ruin. But the comparison with the shoes for the car is so stupid not because as this promises to be a bit more expensive tires clearly a longer life of summer tires, winter tires or all-season tires. A tire manufacturer producing quality tires for over 100 years, is Vredestein.

A tire with profile!

The Dutch producer based in Enschede swears here, in addition to a high-tech rubber compound, also on the profile of its Vredestein tires. This profile is designed for years of the Italian industrial designer Giugiaro and can be found on high-quality models as Ultrac, Wintrac or Quatrac. The usual tire manufacturers to design the profile of their tires with three radii. Not so Vredestein. In the premium tire Ultrac Vorti as ensuring four radii a larger contact area and a better distribution of pressure. Result: More wet grip, better grip, softer ride in the corners, better braking performance and a generally better handling of the vehicle. This is confirmed by test reports and test scores.

Top marks in driving safety!

Of course, the manufacturer's experience flow Vredestein in all offered tire sizes and varieties. And there are a whole lot. Numerous dimensions for all imaginable rim diameter and inch sizes available. Widely used is for example the car dimension make 225/45 R17 91V. For really everything that has wheels, Vredestein has the right tires , ranging from the bicycle over the car up to Formula 1. Whether all weather , summer, winter or special tires: Vredestein has the Optimum. In tire tests conducted by the ADAC, the Dutch tire manufacturer reaps regularly a good test score.

Quality pays off, in the life and the additional safety when driving. The quality Vredestein tires give the decisive centimeters in braking distance to the car ahead, preventing some rear-end collision - and since you should not save better.

n and preventing some rear-end collision - and since you should not save better.

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