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Vredestein Sprint Classic - an elegant and stylish car tires

With the Vredestein Sprint Classic not only classic cars come to their best advantage. Specially developed for enthusiasts with a particular sense for detail and design features of this model, as well as all other summer tires on many good features that make every drive more safely and comfortably.

The Vredestein Sprint Classic offers the latest technology and excellent optics

The Vredestein Sprint Classic is with its unique profile and the exceptional contours, visually, convincing all around. Moreover, this was Vredestein summer tires an elegant lettering sidewall added, which increases the attractiveness of this model again. In combination with high-quality rims of Pneu is a real attraction. In qualitative terms, the Vredestein Sprint Classic should in any way hide: he has a cutting-edge tire technology, is so ensured a high level of comfort and a comprehensive security in any case. Also worth mentioning is the advanced tread compound, which results in a good adhesion and a very short braking distance. The new innerliner also a low diffusion is ensured.

Vredestein - quality tires from the Netherlands

The Dutch tire manufacturer Vredestein is already appreciated by customers from around the world for its high-quality tires. All tires from Vredestein have here a special rubber compound and a sophisticated design. This is designed by the internationally acclaimed car designer Giugiaro from Italy. Tires from Vredestein shall therefore deal in optical terms as highly attractive and highly recommended. The wide range of models, also demanding customers are satisfied to a high degree.

The Vredestein Sprint Classic is outstanding both in visual as well qualitatively. Thanks to the ultra-modern tire technology and the advanced tread compound he proves even in difficult weather conditions safe handling and good adhesion. With its classic and elegant appearance of the Vredestein Sprint Classic is also an eye-catcher of the special kind.

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