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With Michelin tire on track

Michelin tires include, along with the tires from Continental, Pirelli and a few other leaders, as standard in terms of winter and summer tires.

Offers for all market segments

Michelin manufactures various models, but this concerns the price range and the inch size of the wheels. The Energy Saver Plus as, in its category of the highest quality tires, in the current ADAC tire test awarded best summer tires. It is available in numerous dimensions. Another tire segment is the Michelin PRIMACY HP . He, too, was able to convince in numerous independent tests. In the segment for vans Michelin is well placed. The French tire manufacturer Michelin supplies the "Michelin AGILIS" a frequently bought tires for vans variant. The Michelin tires AGILIS is available in virtually all major transporter sizes and can here be appraised.

The Michelin tires under test conditions

The last test of the winter tires from Michelin could "tires, such as the Sports 3 Michelin Pilot convince" in all material evaluation Criteria. Especially in wet conditions proves the Michelin tires as very safe, an ADAC test gave the tires here the grade 1.6. The drivability of a car with the Pilot Sport 3 tires was rated as Good (2.2). Fuel consumption and wear are typical michelin moderate, a disadvantage of the tires could be the befundene only mediocre development of noise when driving.

Michelin provides the range of premium tires a broadly based product range. In terms of performance and costs, including the Michelin tires next to tires from Continental, Dunlop and Pirelli to the best products that are available on the current market.

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